photo 2photo 1My story began in the late fall of 2009 when a friend hooked me up with Chris for some personal training. I was 43 at the time, traveling quite a bit for work, had completed 5 marathons by then and while I didn’t know at the time what attracted me to personal training, I guess in hindsight I was really looking for a big change in my life. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis but I never did buy the red corvette (thank god). I thought I was in pretty good shape for my age so I wasn’t attracted to the personal training to lose weight and get in shape. Maybe I was in a rut with my exercise routine and itching for a new challenge or learning some new forms of exercise. All I know is that I was on the verge of something big in my life and Chris was the person who could help me take it to the next level. Little did I know just how much of an impact and influence Chris would have on several aspects of my life? There is absolutely no doubt that Chris is the best of the best in his field but there is so much more to this story than just the personal training. For me, it wasn’t even about the personal training; it was more about Chris teaching me how to live a more fulfilling and happy life. It was about having fun with my health and exercise, writing down goals for myself in every aspect of my life (family, friends, work, fun, finances, personal growth, health, relaxation, and legacy), making good decisions, living in the present, personal growth through books and realizing my true potential. I know I’m making Chris out to be a “superhero” so don’t get me wrong, he’s human just like the rest of us but he has learned at a very young age the secret to being happy. He will give you the tools but it’s up to you to decide how hard you want to work and what you want that next chapter of your life to be.

Fast forward to the fall of 2013 and I’m still working on my story but this time I am much clearer about my vision for how this story is going to evolve and while I can’t predict the future, I now know that destiny is in my hands. I often tell Chris “this shit really works” but all joking aside, it really does! If this isn’t enough to make you a believer, let me give you a glimpse into what I have accomplished in the 4 years that I’ve known Chris:
• Spring of 2010 – qualified for my first Boston Marathon with a time of 3:17 (Chris was right by my side cheering on the crowd every step of the way. Do a race with him and you will understand what this means!)
• Spring of 2011 – first ultra-marathon – 54 miles at the biggest ultra in the world in South Africa (once again, Chris was right there with me doing his first ultra-marathon as well)
• Summer of 2011 – first triathlon (and again Chris was right there with me)
• Summer of 2011 – first half ironman (yep, Chris was there again)
• Spring of 2012 – first Boston marathon (I think you get the picture now but just in case, Chris was there)
• Spring of 2012 – first full ironman…let me repeat that one…first full ironman
• Summer of 2012 – first 50 mile trail race in Lake Tahoe (can I get a “Chris Sams”)
• Winter of 2013 – opening Baltimore’s first indoor spin studio (Once again, Chris had a hand in this dream of mine! As the story goes, I was introduced to my business partner by Chris. This story just got really weird!)
I gotta give Chris credit for teaching me so many great lessons and reminding me that age is just a number and there is nothing I can’t do. So my advice to anyone reading my story…just believe in yourself, work hard every day, face your fears and your story just might end up on the New York Times Best Seller list one day! Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing…I’m in the best shape of my life and I feel amazing!!! Thank you “Samo” for being such a positive influence in my life!

Rick Z 
Baltimore, MD


When I turned 33 and started my graduate program in addition to working full-time, I slowly started to gain weight.  Before I realized it, I was 20 pounds heavier than I used to be.  I tried everything I could to lose weight on my own and it just wasn’t working.  I had done a couple of TRX classes with Chris in the past and he had an impeccable reputation for helping clients reach their goals.  Two and a half months before my wedding I reached out to him and asked him for help!  I didn’t have to drastically change my diet or stop drinking wine.  He gave me a couple of good tips that I could follow and didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on anything.  I had my good days and my bad days (work, school, wedding planning).  He was always supportive and pushed me through the bad every single time.  He has an energy about him that is infectious. I always felt amazing leaving his workout.  I couldn’t believe the difference on my wedding day.  Not only did I look great, but I felt great.  Chris reminded me that I wasn’t working out to “get skinny for my wedding”, but I was making life changes to be more healthy.  I feel and look better at 35 then I did in my 20s.  He was easily the best trainer I ever worked with!! Thanks Chris!!!

Carrie C. B

Baltimore, Md


sully after pics Liana Sullivan liana Sully

I began working out with Chris when I was pregnant with my son (and I still do work out with him!). It was important to me to have a fit pregnancy but I was also scared and wanted to do so safely. Chris being pre- and post-natal certified was key for me. He showed me that I could still safely break a sweat and get my heart rate up in different ways, like boxing and TRX. We still worked out my entire body, including my core. Before I went to Chris, I couldn’t properly do a pushup and since working out with him, my arms have never been so toned. I worked out with him post-natal as well and it was tough but he was patient and understanding, while still encouraging me to push myself as much as possible. Without Chris, I don’t believe that my body would have bounced back so quickly after my son. I always get comments that I don’t look like I’ve ever had a child or was ever pregnant. Chris has a great personality that will push and motivate you and make you want to get better and be a better person generally. I recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer-siblings, co-workers, friends, pregnant or not. Chris is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with, hands down!

Liana S
Baltimore, MD



Mike Kelleymike kelly 2I could never thank you enough for opening my eyes to a new “healthy”
and for instilling in me a desire to get better each day!!  I hope nothing but the best for you as you take your journey across the USA promoting Health & Wellness while raising money and awareness for charity!

Mike K.

Baltimore, MD



The word ‘Thanks’ does not even come close to the right word for Chris. Chris Sams has literally changed my life forever. He has opened my eyes to a much more fulfilling, healthier, happier, more confident lifestyle! I had been hiding in a world of depression for about 10 years, until I crossed paths with him. Now one year later, I’m in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in! I also, feel very mentally fit as well! I started out at the sluggish weight of 250lbs, now I feel like a Mexican jumping bean at 175lbs!! Over the 1 year process I have lost 85lbs of adipose tissue…aka fat, and have gained 10lbs of lean muscle through the sweaty process!! I wish Chris Sams great Success and Happiness! He deserve’s it

Ben H.
Baltimore, MD


I’ve trained with Chris for almost 3 years now. When I started training I was 225 pounds and thought I just wanted to fit into a smaller pair of jeans. Over the first year I lost 40 pounds and really began to enjoy working out again. Chris not only makes working out rewarding, but fun. You’ll rarely do the same exercise twice in a month. I’ve managed to keep the weight off, while learning how to better balance my diet and supplement my workouts with other activities like yoga and running. This past year I even completed my first marathon. I couldn’t have done it without the constant motivation and positive re-enforcement.
scott gor scotty g scotty g after 2

scotty g after

Scott G.
Baltimore, MD




Chris is the epitome of efficiency, progress, connectedness, professionalism, and FUN. He prepares for and dials into every workout with you to maximize your time with him and to achieve your individual results.  To be honest, I’ve been an athlete just about my whole life; a competitive gymnast, D1 field hockey player @ UVA, half-marathoner, and avid yogi. It’s safe to say I came to Chris already in shape. I was simply looking for a trainer to give me that extra ‘push’ to go a little further, a little harder, and lift a little heavier than I would have on my own. But what I got was so much more than just that. Chris personalized each workout to suit my needs and mixed them up as much as I desired. Kickboxing, TRX, running, body weight exercises, dumbbells, indoor workouts, outdoor workouts…you name it, Chris can deliver it. Suddenly, workouts went from mundane to invigorating. I’ll never forget running in the Baltimore Running Festival on a relay team with Chris and other clients/friends.  Thanks to a few regular weeks of training with Chris, they were the most effortless, fluid, and enjoyable miles I’ve ever ran. I was floored by my personal strength and fitness gains, smiling from ear to ear across the finish line. When it comes to overall health and wellness, what I appreciate most about Chris, is his appreciation for balance. He has a well-rounded approach, always does his research, and has the ability to do it all every day with an authentic smile on his face.
Chris not only believes in what he does, but truly loves it. That passion combined with his natural talent and dedication to personal improvement is a contagious formula that can’t be beat. I guarantee you’ll not only get your money’s worth but be enriched in the process.

Kaitlyn H.
Baltimore, Md



While planning our wedding, my wife and I decided that we wanted to shed a few pounds. Neither one of us was what one would consider “overweight”, but we did become comfortable in our relationship. A friend of ours recommended Chris to us and we are extremely glad that he did! Chris sat down with us and discussed our goals, set us up with a healthier nutritional diet, as well as a workout routine. He motivated us and pushed us to our limits all while keeping it fun with his unique yet challenging exercises. He always encouraged us to “get better” at everything we do. We immediately started becoming more active and trying out new things we could do as a couple. One of those was running races. Neither my wife nor I had ever run a race of any kind, and our running limit stopped at about the 2 mile mark. We decided to sign up for our first 5k last October and became addicted. We have since ran a few more 5k and 10k races and plan on running a half marathon this fall. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Chris not only helped us get into physical shape, but he helped us shape a healthier lifestyle as well. My wife and I are now as confident and energetic as we have ever been and have Chris to thank for it.

Greg M.
Baltimore, MD



I met Chris through a mutual friend who knew I needed to lose weight and get back in shape. (Truth be told, I might have made a small wager with an old college roommate…) Unfortunately, I had allowed complacency to find its place in me. My wife and kids were great, my job was great but I was 50 lbs. heavier than when I left college. (I.e. I wasn’t great) I made the mental commitment to: 1. Win the stupid bet! 2. Live a healthier lifestyle for my family.

I started in September at a whopping 252 lbs. Thankfully, this is where Chris came in…….I went through my first couple of sessions thinking I was a complete failure and a fool. I was trying to do things that went beyond what I thought was possible and way beyond my comfort level. These were things that I could only do for 1 or 2 reps? (With an athletic mind that thinks its 20 years old and a body that is 40 years old, I was extremely frustrated) Chris supported me, he made me set weekly goals, he held me accountable, he kept reassuring me, “we will get better”, but most importantly he just knew how to motivate me. My personal belief is, “the body goes where the mind tells it to”. Chris taught me to make the mental aspects of training produce the physical results. He made the commitment to me that he was going to push me harder and farther than I thought I could go. Chris instinctively knows when to pick me up off the ground and he knows when to give me a swift kick in the butt. This is how trust is established and this is what the greatest coaches in the world do for each of their players. This really exemplifies what Chris brings to the game. Very few Coaches have these skills and even fewer trainers. The best part is, unlike most coaches, he doesn’t just tell you what to do…he shows you! Chris, genuinely, lives the lifestyle of an elite athlete. He is NOT one of those “do as I say, not as I do” people. He is one of those “just try to keep up” people. Just talking to Chris and hearing about what he does and how he pushes and motivates himself makes my workouts easier. I would best describe Chris as a person that will match or possibly even surpass YOUR desire to accomplish YOUR goals. That’s pretty motivating all by itself!

The end result is Chris helped make me “great” again. I won the bet and lost 50 lbs. One Feb 1st, 5 months later, I was 198 lbs. I realize that this was the physical/tangible result, but more importantly Chris helped me change my workout approach. I learned to embrace the “uncomfortable” and look forward to the challenges once again. “The mental approach truly does make the physical approach happen!” This is where Chris can and will differentiate himself.

Dan E.
Baltimore, Md



karen a

A huge thanks for all you did for me in 2009!! You weren’t just a terrific trainer, but also a great life coach as well! You’ve helped me make so many positive changes in my life. I am very grateful to have you as my trainer! You are wise beyond your years Chris, & you certainly have a real gift! I appreciate all that you’ve done for me to better my life in all aspects!

Karen A
Baltimore, Md





amy t

“When I finally took an interest in my health and wanted some real results I asked around my office hoping someone had a trainer recommendation for me, I needed someone to hold me accountable for my commitment to health and you can’t beat word of mouth. Everyone recommended Chris for various reasons so I contacted him. I went into a consultation with him just giving him some general goals; loose weight, core strength. I can honestly say, the first meeting with him was the best thing I ever did for myself. What I know now that I didn’t know then – he was a package deal, he taught me a lot about food and he introduced me to all different types of work-outs. Tons of work-outs I do with him but stuff I can do when I’m not with him. He always changes it up in the gym, keeping your attention so you don’t get bored and confusing your muscles. I have been working out with Chris for 1.5 years now and I’ve dropped 40 pounds, I’m stronger today than when I was a college athlete. When I was in college the trainers never told me how important core strength was, my body has had a complete transformation. I’ve lost a lot of weight but I’ve gained so much overall by getting back in the gym, Chris helped me get my health back and my self confidence….priceless!!!”

Amy T.
Baltimore, Md


sam u

“Fun. That is the hallmark of training with Chris. Yes, he will work you harder than you ever thought possible and yes you will sweat all of the fluids out of your body in 30 minutes and yes your muscles will scream with sensation. But the reward is attaining a level of fitness that you thought you were incapable of achieving. And to accomplish this while having fun and feeling like a kid at recess again, priceless! Train with Chris and you will realize that every day is game day not just Sundays. If you decide to take it to the next level, train with Chris, and have more fun than you ever thought possible and get to a place where you never thought you could be.
I will, I will…………….”

Sam U.
Clarksville, MD


sally st

“To say that Chris Sams has changed my life would be no exaggeration. When I began training with Chris some 20 months ago, I had worked with several trainers over the course of the previous 3 years. Each trainer was very good, and each made a real contribution. With Chris, however, I have found a discipline that has continued to enhance my ability to work and live at a higher, more effective level. He finds a way to raise the bar with each session. The improvement in my strength, balance, flexibility and overall fitness amazes me. Chris meets each client where he or she is and then builds a path to individual success. I’ve decided that Chris is not allowed to retire until I reach at least my 90th birthday!”

Sally S.
Baltimore, MD


“I began a regular training regimen with Chris Sams when he took on an opportunity to collaborate with FX Studios. I am proud to be a regular client of his and I look forward to every session. Chris inspires me to work with him as a trainer by incorporating challenging workout techniques that I would only be able to accomplish with him. I feel healthy and alive every time I complete a session with Chris. I believe he has the knowledge and passion to help anyone achieve there personal health and wellness goals.”
Thank you, Chris!

Natalie S.
Towson, MD


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