Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) American Council of Exercise since 2006
Marathon Training Specialist
Pre/Post Natal Certified
CPR and First Aid Certified
TRX Specialist
Nutritional Specialist
Certified Spin Instructor


BA from Salisbury University (Exercise Science)


After enjoying many years of personal training and client successes, Chris Sams has reached the coveted 10,000+ Hour Rule and is very excited to start 2014 off BIG with sharing his knowledge and expertise with his current and future clients!

Feel free to check out the interesting notions on this particular theory…

- One of Chris’s favorite books: Outliars by Malcolm Gladwell
- A song by the very talented Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that Chris holds close to his heart: Ten Thousand Hours
- The lyrics and in depth meanings uncovered: Wow! I didn’t realize that
- The New Yorker

Why Chris began Training

Growing up Chris was always involved in the sports world, which provided a background/lifestyle that had sparked his interest to study anything & everything about the human body. He became fascinated with this concept around the age of twelve when he purchased his first Muscle & Fitness magazine as a result of taking his first riveting weight training class in the 6th grade! Ever since then, he’s been intrigued about the fitness world! Fueled by these passions, Chris realized he wanted to undertake a career in fitness training and become the best possible trainer he could be.

Favorite Aspect of Training

Chris’s favorite aspect of training is definitely pushing someone’s limits
far beyond what they thought was imaginable & having his clients
achieve their results much sooner then they ever thought possible!

Exercise Philosophy

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant!  Use the power of now to decide that you will start living a healthy lifestyle today!

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